New Trend Cities


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New Trend City

There's a new trend growing around the nation. It’s not a fantasy about a city of the future…it’s about a city using today's tools to create excitement, attract businesses and new residents, and foster a vibrant community.

It's an exceptional place to work, live, and play.
It's a successful city.
It could be your city.


New Trend City gives you the tools to reach new and potential visitors, tourists, and residents. Plus, it helps maintain interest with existing residents and businesses. All of this is done using new, widely-adopted technologies. Technologies which are already “in hand” and ready to work for your city.


New Trend City boosts interest in new and existing events. It encourages attendees to get involved in social media sites and online communities. And it uses positive reviews to increase success at every one of your events.

Your City Has So Much to Offer

Celebrate and share all of that your city has to offer. Historical sites, museums, and architecture. Neighborhoods, schools, and communities. Municipal services, such as Fire and Police. Arts and culture. Lifestyle aspects, such as parks, recreation, and health. Celebrate it all!

Reach and Engage Your Audience

Reach your audience with all these tools, attracting visitors, tourists, prospective businesses, and new or existing residents. Engage members, residents, participants, and attendees at each event or promotion. Encourage them to engage with your city's brand on social media.

The Trend City

A process modeled on success. Modeled on the best practices from traditional marketing and online engagement, New Trend City has the process you need to make your city’s brand a total success.

Trend City Broadcast

Trend City Broadcast combines several channels of communication, targeted at getting the word out to your full audience. We combine single click podcasts, in-business broadcasts, social media posts, print media, and more.

Trend City Events

The best events borrow and build on what works. You have over 25 years of event management and creation experience who will help you build events from scratch and improve on the ones you already have planned. Not sure an event is right for you? Talk to the other successful cities in the New Trend City community first to find out what worked for them. Live music mini-festivals, art gallery crawls, farmer’s markets, business meet ups, block-party trivia nights, and much more. You name it, and New Trend City can develop the right solution for success every step of the way.

Trend City Engagement

Capturing the moment—and then sharing that moment—is maybe the most powerful way to extend your reach. New Trend City brings you the solutions you need to encourage your audience to contribute to the promotion of your business partners and your events.